Gretchen Conley is a savior

Gretchen Conley is a savior. I had given up trying to sell a house and I was about to let it go and suffer the consequences until I was rescued by Gretchen. She and her team contacted me, and quickly took on my problem and turned it around. Her teams’ strength lies in their ability to take cases that others have given up on then creating positive results. When the banks were not cooperative and failure seemed inevitable, Gretchen pressed on patiently with my case. She is a consummate professional with a caring team; they went
above and beyond what typical realtors will do to help and that made a difference. I would recommend her without hesitation and would seek her assistance in a heartbeat. And by the way, did I mention that I never met her or anyone of her team in person? From the initial phone conversation with her I was confident that she
is trustworthy, and my instinct was right. Now…the house is sold.